Thank you for visiting my website, the Kingdom of Joria, named after one of the fictional countries in which I have set several of my short stories, especially in my first collection, The Wicked Stepbrother and Other Stories. I hope you have enjoyed exploring Joria and learning more about my fiction and reading my blog posts.

If you are interested in buying any of my books, either as an ebook or in print, the buy links are included in Publications, under each title. All titles published by JMS Books ( are available in both formats, except for Seagulls, which is available only as an ebook.

The older titles, published by Golden Gryphon Press and Samhain Publishing, are generally available only as used books. Harvest of Changelings, is, however, available as an ebook.

I don’t have the resources to handle book sales at this time.

My Reflections are mostly ruminations and musings on fiction and writing, especially science fiction and fantasy. Posts , for now, are occasional.

Comments and questions are welcome. I can be reached at

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